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trip to Lombok

When you have a neighbor as popular as Bali, it’s no wonder many don’t even notice your presence. This is what happened to Lombok for decades, until a few years ago travelers began to look at it looking for alternatives to the Island of the Gods. They were sure to be in for a surprise to discover the wild and virtually unspoiled nature that this Indonesian island boasts.

Things are changing rapidly in Lombok, and although tourism development is still far from making it the new Bali, we would recommend not waiting too long to visit it… now is the time! Spectacular surfing, dreamy beaches, a wooded interior full of waterfalls, rice and tobacco plantations, the second highest volcano in the country … much more is what you will find in Lombok.

Don’t think twice and start planning your next trip to this incredible place. We make it easy for you with this Complete travel guide to Lombok, where we give you all the useful information to prepare the trip on your own and the list of the best things to see and do in Lombok.

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1. Getting to know Lombok

Lombok is located between the famous Bali and the unexplored island of Sumbawa. Despite the fact that his name sounds louder and louder and that his developing is being more than remarkable during the last years (next Moto GP circuit included), there is still a long list of places to discover and explore beyond the conventional tourist route.

You will notice it quickly, but we already anticipated that one of the main differences of this island with respect to Bali is that the population of Lombok is mainly muslim. Although only a few kilometers separate them, having a different religion also makes their culture and its traditions are completely different. One more reason to meet her.

2. When to travel to Lombok

Although Lombok generally rains less than Bali, they can be distinguished two seasons well marked:

  • The dry season From May to October. Although always high, temperatures are milder during these months and it hardly ever rains. It coincides with the high season, the time of year when the island receives the greatest number of travelers (especially July and August) and when prices are highest.
  • The wet season from October to March. The heat is sticky, but showers don’t usually last long and usually happen in the afternoon. If you start the day early, you can visit Lombok during this period without problems and with the calm of the low season. Sure, we can’t 100% guarantee that it won’t rain all day while you’re there, but that can happen even during the dry season … just a matter of luck! 😉
Photo by Benjamin Janos on Unsplash

3. How to get to Lombok

Since it is an island, you can obviously only get there by boat or plane.