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Vientiane, the capital of LaosIt is a city that barely has one hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants, an easy walk that has little attraction for the visitor.

What to see in Vientiane

It has the most important monastery in Laos, and highly revered by Laotians, the Pha That Luang.

Another of the most photographed places and perhaps the most representative image of this city is the Patuxai, or Victory Door, a triumphal arch built with the leftover cement left by the United States for the construction of the city’s airport in the 1960s.

As in all Asian cities, Vientiane also has its own Central Market which opens every day, it is located near the main avenue that takes us to the Patuxai, Avenue Lane xang.

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The city is not pretty, not even the part that faces the Mekong, but it enjoys the charms of its French colonial past.

One of these charms are pastisseries, where you can enjoy a breakfast as if you were in Paris, although a little cheaper. They prepare authentic French croissants, texture and spectacular flavor, here nothing is imitation. The rue Samsenthai it is where you will find some of the best in town.

Vientiane It is growing, and it is beginning to be a small capital, a city in a beautiful country, where the intense traffic begins to be excessive for its size.

For us, Vientiane was a short stop before heading towards the 4000 Islands.

Accommodation in Vientiane

Accommodation in the city is varied, but not exactly cheap.

We stay in the Lani’s House by The Ponds. I have to say that we quite liked the place. And the good thing about Vientiane is that being a small city, everything is close by, just a short walk away.

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Near the samsenthai street, there are quite a few accommodations of all price points. In addition, you can take advantage of staying in some of the hostels on this street to enjoy a delicious breakfast in one of the several patisseries that is around.

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