When to travel to the Philippines, the weather and typhoons


If you are wondering when to travel to the Philippines, because you want to know for sure that you are going to make the most of your trip, you must take into account the weather in philippines.

The Philippines, like the rest of the countries that are in Southeast Asia, it has a tropical climate. What does that mean? Well, its climate is very marked by the rains. That there are seasons of the year that are rainier with tropical storms.

weather in philippines


They are usually heavy downpours for a short period of time. The typical heavy rains in the afternoon or at night, which give way to a placid day.

What is the weather like in the Philippines?

Well then, the climate in the Philippines is tropical, but it also has the addition of being the region in the world where the greatest number of typhoons hit its coast each year. The UN has already said that the Philippines is the country most affected by these phenomena, and because sometimes, Typhoons making landfall in the Philippines are devastating.

So, you should know what the weather is like in the Philippines, so you can decide when to travel to the country.

weather in philippines

Coco Beach Coron

Anyway, due to its large number of islands, the climate is not exactly the same. The climate of the island of Luzon differs from that of the Mindanao area.

Below we tell you the different seasons that exist in the Philippines, and what months they correspond, so that you can plan when to travel to the Philippines, depending on what you are looking for.

Dry season and mild temperature

This is what we consider to be the best time of year to travel to the Philippines. He from December to February, and it is in fact when we travel to the Philippines.

Temperatures drop a bit and tend to fluctuate between 22 degrees and 27 degrees. Of course, how cold you will not be.

That it is called dry season does not mean that it does not rain, because in fact, it does rain. What happens is that they are more passenger showers, and they will not prevent you from enjoying the trip.

Although it seems like the ideal time to travel to the Philippines, you should keep a couple of things in mind. As you can see, this season passes during the Christmas, and that means it is high season and that prices are increasing a lot.

weather in philippines

Malcapuya, Coron

In addition, the wind can make an appearance and perhaps even make you modify a plan. It happened to us in Crown, we were going to do a boat trip to visit some paradisiacal islands and beaches, (we had already made our island hopping in Coron) and we couldn’t get to all of them due to the wind. If this is strong, some ships go out to sea.

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Dry season and hot temperature

The hottest and driest season includes the months from March to May. The winds are very hot, temperatures skyrocket up to 35 degrees, and it can rain, but it is more difficult.

If in these months is when you are going to travel to the Philippines, do not forget that it is a Catholic country and very practicing. This means that in Easter, There are many Filipinos who move around the country, and prices go up a lot.

weather in philippines

Port barton

It is considered, in fact, high season, the same goes for the May bridge.

Rainy season and typhoons

I suppose this station is the one that worries you the most, since the torrential rains and typhoons, they can affect your trip quite a bit.

Well then, between June and November, is when the western monsoon hits the Philippines. This translates into heavier rains, more overcast skies, and longer rainy days.

In any case, this does not mean that it will rain all day, but it does mean that it rains more, and also, with greater intensity. In fact, it is at this time of year that ships are most often canceled due to the weather.


Loboc River

But beware, since the Philippines is a country with thousands of islands, and quite large, this station does not behave the same in all places.

The most affected areas are the island of Luzon, Palawan, and the northernmost part of the Visayas. However, other areas such as Mindanao and the southern Visayas Islands are quieter.

So depending on what places in the Philippines you want to visit, keep this in mind.

Typhoons and cyclones, weather in the Philippines

If you have to take into account something on your trip to the Philippines, it is the typhoon season, since this circumstance may force you to modify your route.

Visiting the Philippines during typhoons does not mean that you are going to experience one in your own flesh, but it will force you to be more aware of the weather to avoid them.

If during your trip a typhoon appears in the area where you are or are going to visit, it is quite likely that boats and flights are canceled, so always think about being flexible and looking for alternatives to your planned trip.

weather in philippines


In any case, do not panic, maybe for three or four days it will rain a lot, but that does not mean that your trip is going to spoil. What we do recommend is that take out good travel insurance like the one we carry, very important in this type of situation.

How can I check the weather in the Philippines?

Precisely, due to the great impact of typhoons in the Philippines, there is a meteorological agency in the country It is necessary to warn between five and seven days in advance of the formation and trajectory of typhoons or tropical storms.

The web is called PAY and it is really useful. The information it offers is very complete, and you will also be able to see which areas are affected by rains.

Keep in mind that the climate in the Philippines can change quickly, that is, wake up with the sun, suffer a little rain, the sun rise again, get cloudy … and all this, in a single day.

Conclusion, when to travel to the Philippines?

In the end when to travel to the Philippines will be your decision depending on the availability of your vacation. And I think that any time of the year is good, but without a doubt, if you can choose, I would choose the wet and dry season again.

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Alona Beach, Bohol

Mild temperatures, and low risk of rain. Now you just need to put your swimsuit, snorkel and sun cream in your backpack to enjoy your trip to the Philippines to the fullest. Of course, avoid the high season (Christmas, Easter and May bridge), to get away from the crowds and high prices.

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