Amount Of Caffeine in Coffee

Amount Of Caffeine in Coffee and What is Coffee!

It is no secret to anyone that coffee contains caffeine, as does some cola, however, there are foods with caffeine that you probably don’t know. We tell you.

The first thing to know is that a small dose of caffeine a day is not harmful, the problem is the abuse of this substance. It is also important to know that the effect of caffeine is produced because it stimulates the central nervous system causing that “chute” of energy to appear, which helps us to achieve a greater physical and intellectual performance on time (since it is not maintained much in time).

When we drink too much caffeine we can suffer nervousness, insomnia, irritability, and stomach problems, among other ailments.

There are also very popular myths about caffeine, for example, that eliminates the hangover, which is not true, or that helps to burn fat: it is true that caffeine helps to accelerate the metabolism and that the muscles use fat as a source of energy, but it is a little lasting effect, very short term.

How much caffeine can be taken per day? According to experts, between 100 and 300 mg. a day (two to four cups) is an adequate amount. Taking more is harmful.

The coffee is the drink with caffeine for excellence, that comes immediately to mind at the thought of caffeine. In an average cup of coffee, there is about 85 mg. of caffeine.

The amount also depends on the type of coffee, for example, in 44–60 ml. of espresso or espresso coffee, there is about 100 mg. of caffeine, while the same amount of decaffeinated coffee contains very little caffeine.

Amount Of Caffeine in Coffee

Dark Chocolate

The chocolate contains caffeine and its amount depends on how pure it (percentage of cocoa). In a chocolate bar (45% cocoa) of 43 grams, there is about 30 mg . of caffeine.

Energy drinks

The energy drinks have caffeine, a substance that is its main attraction. In a 250 ml bottle. There is about 80 mg. of caffeine. These figures vary depending on the beverage chosen.

Cola soda

In 330 ml of a cola (approximately one can), there is about 42 mg. of caffeine.

Black tea

The black tea is the one that contains more caffeine (theine). In an average cup of black tea, there is about 40 mg. of caffeine.Ca

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