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Tbilisi, also called Tblisi, is not just another city, for us it was a real discovery. We didn’t know exactly what to find there, and we were extremely surprised. So if you go to Georgia, Tbilisi, also known as Tblisi, deserves at least two days. And we want to tell you where to stay and our experience about it accommodation in Tbilisi

This city, in Asia, but more European than many other cities, seems to take you to other times marked by The Silk Road. And when it seems that you are in a capital, you feel as if you are in a town, or a very small city. The truth is that Tbilisi, we loved it.

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In addition, something you have to keep in mind if you travel to Georgia is that due to its size, you can use Tbilisi as a “center of operations” and from there you can move around the different more than interesting places in the country. This is how we did it, more than anything, because it was a combined trip with Armenia.

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Accommodation in Tbilisi

From what we saw and from the time we spent there, we can say that in Tbilisi there is accommodation for all budgets and tastes. But there are also different areas where you can stay. Luckily, Tbilisi is a very affordable city to walk, stroll and enjoy.

We stay in the area of Old Tbilisi, but it is not the only area to stay. There is also the City Center, or Avlavari, which, being close to each other, does not stop offering you something different.

Accommodation in Old Tbilisi

We went during the week of May 1, which is the Russian national holiday, so the city, well the whole country, was full of Russians. It took us a little while to find an accommodation that was centrally located and its price was quite good, for some reason everything was very expensive.


We finally decided on him Red Fox Guest House. The truth is that it is very good, it is a fairly new accommodation, the rooms are normal and the bathrooms are shared. It also has breakfast included.

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The location of Red Fox Guest House It is very good, because it is located about three or four minutes walk from the Meidan Square.

Tamara is the person who owns the accommodation and is responsible, really a very nice person who helped us a lot and gave us a lot of information about the city.


In fact, on our way back to Tbilisi, to catch the plane back, we stayed there again.

In the following link, Red Fox Guest House, you can see the availability of dates, prices and more photos about this accommodation.

You can also see more options in this area of ​​the city in the following link, Accommodation in the Old City.

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Accommodation in the Center of Tbilisi

It is not far from Old Tbilisi, rather it is right next to it.


Let’s say this area of ​​the city is closer to the commercial area of Rustaveli, but without actually crossing the Mktvari river.

Of course, it is an area where you can visit, on foot, many places, such as Old Tiflis.


We do not stay in this area, but it is highly recommended. In general, from Tbilisi I would say that it is a very quiet and safe city, where your main concern should be not to gain weight from eating Khachapuri.

You can take a look at the link below, Accommodation in the Center of Tbilisi.

Accommodation in Avlabari

In this neighborhood are the cliffs of the Mktvari river, it is very quiet.


In this neighborhood there are some embassies that are. The restaurants overlooking the fortress (we did not go) seem to be the perfect places to watch a sunset over the Meidan Square and the fortress. So, staying here is staying in one of the most “noble” areas of the city.


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You can see all the options to stay in this neighborhood, in the following link, Accommodation in Avlabari.

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