Accommodation in Laos, Vientian, Luang Prabang, 4000 islands


During our trip to Laos, if there was something that we did not plan and we were booking as we went, it was the accommodations in the different places where we stayed.

It is true that the travel itinerary it was also something that we improvised on the fly. This was because we did know what places we wanted to see yes or yes, but we liked some more than others. Specifically, we spend more time thinking about The 4000 Islands, and much less in Vientian.

Monks in Luang Prabang

The capital of Laos turned out to be an unattractive place, so we decided to take a bus and get to one of the most pleasant places in the country as soon as possible.

Well, it also turned out that depending on the places we went to, the quality of the accommodation and the price varied a lot.

Accommodation in Vientian

The capital of the country, despite being small in size and number of inhabitants, has all kinds of accommodation for all tastes and pockets. The truth is that in general the accommodation, despite not being expensive, is not cheap either.

The accommodation where we decided to stay was the Lani’s House by The Ponds. We quite liked the place. The good thing about Vientiane is that being a small city, everything is close, to enjoy walking.

Travel itinerary to Laos

You can take a look at the availability, prices and photos in the following link, Lani’s House by The Ponds.

Near the samsenthai street, there are quite a few accommodations of all price points. In addition, you can take advantage of staying in some of the hostels on this street to enjoy a delicious breakfast in one of the several patisseries that is around.

You can take a look at the different options in this link, Accommodation in Vientiane.

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Accommodation in Luang Prabang

Yes to Luang Prabang is called the Pearl of Asia, it is because, it really is a pearl in the Mekong. The truth is that it is a small town, calling it a city is too pretentious, but it is a place that is very much worth enjoying.

It shows, and you will see, that many of the city’s accommodations are managed by French. Don’t forget that Laos was a French colony.

Luang Prabang at a glance 4

In certain accommodations, you can see that colonial touch, and it is obvious that that colonial touch is also paid. But you can still find a wide variety of accommodation in Luang Prabang.

We stayed at the Sysomphone Guest House, totally recommended. It also included a delicious breakfast that we loved.

If you want to see more options, you can take a look at the following link, Accommodation in Luang Prabang.

Accommodation in The 4000 Islands

Without a doubt this was our favorite place during our trip to Laos. The truth is that the Mekong River is a spectacular scenery and landscape. And waking up next to this river is priceless. But in addition, there are many things you can do in these 4000 Islands (a number too exaggerated).

When we arrive at The 4000 IslandsWe decided to stay in a cabin by the river, we had no doubts. And I still think it was the best option.

The 4000 islands

Finally, we found the perfect place for us. A nice place run by a local family was Guest House Santipha. It is located next to the bridge that connects Don Konh with Don Det, on the island of Where T.

The bungalows are cheap and basic, the treatment is very good, and it has a bathroom with a cold shower (the heat is intense so you won’t miss hot water).

In Don Det there is a great variety of accommodation, I advise you to look for one that is facing the Mekong. Waking up with that tranquility of the river in front of you is to start the day in the best possible way.

You can take a look, if you want to book in advance, at this link, with the different accommodations, prices, photos and availability, Accommodation in Don Det.

Laos travel insurance

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