Accommodation in Bohol in the different areas of the island


The island of Bohol is one of the destinations in the Philippines that are usually always on the routes of travelers. And there are many things and places to see in Bohol.

And there are also several areas of accommodation in Bohol that you can choose to enjoy and rest.

As I mentioned before, in Bohol there are numerous plans that you can make, from spending a day by the beaches of Panglao, dive in incredible places. Or visit the famous Chocolate hills, see the little ones tarsiers in the Sanctuary of Corella or enjoy the Loboc river.

Accommodation in Bohol

Corella tarsier sanctuary

If you want to get lost and get lost, the Anda area is the perfect one, since it is quite far away and there are hardly any tourists. As you can see, Bohol is a lot of Bohol, and so that you can organize yourself and enjoy the island to the fullest, We tell you about the accommodation in Bohol, where to sleep in the different areas of the island.

Accommodation in Bohol, areas of the island

Depending on what your plan is, it’s basically three plus one. I say three areas since they are the ones you can enjoy, Panglao, Loboc and Anda. The most one is Tagbilaran, which is the closest city to the port and the airport.

Accommodation in Panglao

The Panglao area is the most popular on the island of Bohol, it is where most of the visitors who come to the island go.

Panglao is quite well connected to the Tagbilaran port and the airport, so it is not surprising that it is the busiest place on the island.

Accommodation in Bohol

Alona Beach, Bohol

Although most of the people who come to Panglao do so to Alona Beach, there are several beaches where it is worth looking for accommodation. Or you can also rent a motorcycle to go looking for those postcard beaches.

You can take a look at the different accommodation options in Alona Beach at the following link, Accommodation in Alona Beach.

And if you want to see all the accommodation options in the Panglao area, take a look at this link, Accommodation in Panglao.

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Accommodation in Loboc

Loboc is located in the center of Bohol, and all it has around it is nature. This is the area that we choose to sleep. And there were several reasons.

On the one hand, we were in the Loboc River, an area where mass tourism has not yet arrived. But also, going to see the Chocolate Hills or the tarsiers in the Corella Sanctuary, among the many things you can see in Loboc, tipped the balance towards this area of ​​Bohol.

Accommodation in Bohol

Loboc River

But you can also rent a motorcycle to get to Panglao and enjoy its beaches. I think renting a motorcycle is the best option, because in addition, you can move freely to reach the Chocolate Hills or the Corella Sanctuary.

We, during our stay in Loboc, stayed in Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn.

I think it was the best option we could choose, since it was next to the Loboc river, and it had a pool overlooking the river which was very nice. In addition, the people at the accommodation were very nice and always ready to help us. It was also here that we rented the motorcycle to tour the island.

You can take a look at the photos, prices, opinions and availability in this link, Stefanie Grace Paradise Inn.

If you want to see other options, you can take a look at this link, Accommodation in Loboc.

Accommodation in Anda

The Anda area on the island of Bohol is the furthest of all, and therefore the least explored and the one that receives the fewest visitors.

If you have enough time, don’t miss the Anda area.

From the port of Tagbilaran to Anda, there are more than a hundred kilometers, and taking into account the state of the roads, it can take more than two and a half hours.

This is the main reason why almost no one makes it to Anda, and most stay in Alona Beach.

If you want to know the different options to sleep in Anda, we leave you this link, Accommodation in Anda.

Accommodation in Tagbilaran

Tagbilaran is the main city on the island of Bohol. It is located next to the port. If you arrive from Cebu to Bohol by ferry, you will set your feet for the first time in Tagbilaran.

Accommodation in Bohol

Inland ferry to Bohol

It is not a pretty area or one that has many things to see or do. But if you need to be at the port soon, it is a good option.

You can take a look at the options in this link, Accommodation in Tagbilaran.

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