7 restaurants to eat in Ubud (good and cheap)


restaurantes donde comer en ubud barato bien

Indonesian gastronomy is one of the strengths of this country, and especially that of Bali seemed to us to be one of the best in all of Southeast Asia. If we add to this the fact that in Ubud there are many restaurants where to find each type of food, we can safely say that this city it is one of the gastronomic paradises of Asia. And good news for vegetarians and vegans: the dining deals are almost endless. Next we are going to recommend you 7 restaurants where to eat in Ubud well and cheap.

* Restaurants may have different menus, prices or even have closed after writing this article, please keep that in mind. And if you find any incorrect information, we would appreciate it if you would notify us in a comment 🙂

1. Dewa Warung

It’s a simple site, quite popular (thanks mainly to the good prices and the quality of the food), where there is only one downside: they are quite slow to serve. But hey, you know that times are different in Asia! We recommend you try the curries (the aubergine is delicious) and better if you accompany it with a cool smoothie. Prices from 22,000IDR (soups) and 25,000-35,000IDR (main).