6 Tips for Getting Back to Running After the Holidays

When we go on vacation, many times, what we want is to disconnect completely. And that can also include the act of letting go or exercising. That’s what resting is, after all, but… what about the return to reality?

Exactly. Excesses and sedentary life are going to take their toll on you, and you know it. Even if it has only been several weeks, you will notice it. This article will look at some tips to get back to running after a period of (indeed well deserved) rest.

Helpful Tips for Going Back to Running After the Holidays

#1. Spend More Time Warming Up and Stretching

Your body has taken a break, and your muscles are not as fit as ever. That is why it will be necessary for you to dedicate more time to them and treat them with care to return to the routine that is not too demanding.

Spend more time than usual warming up before you start running and stretching after your run. This way, you will regain flexibility consistently, and above all (the most important thing), you will avoid the appearance of injuries.

#2. Run Shorter Distances

Don’t try to follow the same old training plan. The best thing is that you start small and the first days you run less distance than usual. If you run 10 kilometers, start running 3 or 4 kilometers and increase the distance each week.

The same should apply to intensity. Try to keep a smooth pace and don’t be too demanding of yourself. If you force yourself, you may only get injured and delay that recovery process even more. Don’t forget to listen to your body; it will send you signals when it needs you to take it easy.

#3. Add more Intermediate Rest Days

We usually advise you to take rest days in between when you go for a run. In this situation, you must do them. It would help if you took more breaks in between.

It is best for the first two weeks to leave two days of rest between each training and then leave one. Even if your mind is fully motivated and eager to keep running, you must respect those rest days. Your body and your muscles need to get used to and assimilate the routine little by little.

#4. Be patient and motivate yourself to the fullest

Do not get frustrated. Indeed you feel a bit discouraged after going for a run for the first few days and seeing that you have lost the form you had before the holidays. Do not be overwhelmed; it is not just your concern; the same thing happens to everyone when they have been inactive for some time.

To recover again, you will have to gather motivation and patience. In less than you think, you will return to the state you had before the holidays. How long will it take? Well, that depends; it may be a month or two (or even more). The important thing is that you do not intend to recover too quickly.

#5. Practice Cross-Training

If you have brought a couple of extra kilos with you in addition to coming back rested, you will have to try twice as hard. You don’t just have to go for a run; you can spend time on another sport that helps you get back in shape, like cycling or swimming.

Combining your workouts with the practice of other sports and following a healthy diet maybe your best option. It will help you regain your weight faster and improve your cardiorespiratory capacity.

# 6. Recover Lost Lower Body Strength

If you want to speed up the process of recovering your physical form, it is best to dedicate one or two days a week to strength training. Specifically, you will have to strengthen the lower body and reinforce it as much as possible. At first, start softly and gradually increase the intensity. Work especially strength in ankles, knees, abdominals, and lumbar. Thus, in addition to gaining muscle, you will be reducing the probability of suffering an injury.

Create Your Own Back To The Routine Plan

To design your training plan back to the routine, there will be several factors to take into account:

  • The length of your vacation (i.e., the total period of inactivity)
  • How old you are
  • The physical state you had before the holidays
  • Your level of experience as a runner

Design your plan with those parameters in mind. The longer you have been on vacation, the more cautious you should be when returning to training. Remember that you must give your muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons time to adjust to your work routine again.

If you have been inactive for three months, you will have to make shorter runs and allow more days of rest between departure and departure. You should also increase the intensity and frequency of training much slower than if you have only been a month.

Combine light workouts with long breaks, strength training to strengthen your lower body, and cross-training to get back in shape and lose a few extra pounds. That will be the formula to recover as soon as possible.

We all deserve a break, so don’t feel guilty. After a month or two, everything will return to normal, and you can start following more advanced training plans or even prepare for a competition.

As you already know, the most crucial thing will be that you listen carefully to the signals that your body sends you to see if you are doing things well or need to slow down so you do not suffer unnecessary pain or injure yourself.

It is essential that you do not get discouraged or give up; you will be the same athlete as always with patience and motivation. So go for it!

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