3 Techniques to Effectively Descale a Dolce Gusto

Does your Dolce Gusto no longer make an as good coffee as it did on the first day? The time has probably come to descale your appliance.

It is then necessary to adopt a specific technique for an interview in the rules. This coffee machine has its own cleaning mode to keep it clean and protect its parts.

Find out why you need to descale your Dolce Gusto and two descaling techniques as well as some tips for successfully descaling your coffee machine without forgetting the constraints to take into account.

Why and how to descale a Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

Why descale?

Descaling is an essential step in the life of a
coffee machine. You should know that the drinking water that you use to fill the latter and to prepare your drink contains lime which is deposited on the walls of your device each time you turn it on. In jargon, this deposit is called ” tartar “. Descaling helps to get rid of it and ensure that the Dolce Gusto machine continues to work well and for a long time.

Ensure proper operation and extend the service life of the coffee machine

A lime-free Dolce Gusto works optimally. In addition, you get better tasting drinks when you regularly descale your machine. No more scale forms on the walls of the device. The liquid then flows normally and the quality of the coffee is preserved. In addition, the life of the coffee maker is optimized.

Maintain your productivity speed

An optimally functioning coffee machine serves several cups of drinks within a specified time. When tartar forms at the level of the tubes, it hinders the passage of water at this level while noises are emitted during the preparation of your drinks.

The device is therefore no longer as efficient as when it first started. You may find that it takes a long time to serve a whole cup or it just doesn’t work. The drink served becomes lukewarm when it is supposed to be hot. All of these issues are resolved once you descale the device.

Avoid malfunctions

Descaling a Dolce Gusto avoids malfunctions and has multiple advantages such as:

Better preservation of the flavor and aroma of the brewed beverage;
A cup of coffee served at the desired temperature;
Avoids repair costs caused by tartar.

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