10 restaurants to eat in Asakusa (good and cheap)


Restaurants to eat in Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the Tokyo neighborhoods that we like the most. Its traditional touch blends with an underground vibe when night falls. The little bars turn on their lights and the aroma of skewers and ramen floods everything. Has your appetite entered? Keep reading because we recommend 10 restaurants to eat in Asakusa (good and cheap).

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1. Unatoto

Before when I heard the word “Unagi” I was only thinking of Ross, from now on, after having eaten unagi in this restaurant, I will think of Ross and that place XD. Unagi is a Japanese delicatessen: it is about eel cooked on the grill and bathed in sweet soy sauce.

The bad thing is that it is usually a very expensive dish but we bring good news, here it is not only delicious, but it is cheap! You can try a bowl of rice with a piece of unagi for 550 ¥, just over € 4 (two pieces for 1000 ¥). It is the perfect occasion to try this exclusive delicacy.