Tips and Tricks to Reduce Your Plagiarism to Zero

Reduce Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an academic offence. It means presenting someone’s work or ideas as your own writing. There are severe consequences if you commit this mistake. You might face suspension from the university. Or at the same time, you can completely fail your subject. You can present plagiarised work either intentionally, or unintentionally. In intentional plagiarism, … Read more

The 10 most beautiful national parks in Thailand (with photos and map)

Ao Phang Nga National Park

[ad_1] Thailand is a nation with several incredible national parks. If you visit this diverse and beautiful country, Thailand’s national parks contrast with the more urbanized areas near most hotels and resorts. These parks give you the opportunity to see some of Thailand’s untouched nature and wildlife. Here are some of the most incredible national … Read more

8 Best Places to Stay in Khao Sok National Park (With Photos & Map)

Khao Sok Jungle Huts Resort

[ad_1] Thailand’s largest national park, Khao Sok National Park, is located towards the south of the country and is renowned for being home to a host of natural wonders. There is an abundance of different landscapes. Explore thick rainforests, pinnacle-type limestone karst formations and the vast man-made lake of Cheow Lan. You will be enchanted … Read more

8 best places to stay in Melaka (with photos and map)

Destino Majestic Malacca Hotel

[ad_1] With a history of Dutch architecture, Portuguese ancestry, British colonial infusions and even Chinese influences, Melaka is a true melting pot. Not only that, but this Malaysian seaside town has a number of beautiful historic buildings and a plethora of historic sites to enjoy. This rich tapestry of cultures also means a fantastic variety … Read more

Top 10 resorts in Thailand (with photos and map)

Resort Banyan Tree Samui Tailandia

[ad_1] With hundreds of beautiful tropical islands, Thailand has no shortage of beautiful resorts. This list presents the best Resorts in Thailand , according to the evaluation of visitors. While hotels in Thailand are available in all price ranges, the resorts on this list are upscale. Most of the luxury resorts are located on the … Read more

10 best places to visit in Nepal (with photos and map)


[ad_1] Whether it’s climbing the slopes of Mount Everest or paying homage to the birthplace of the Buddha, a trip to Nepal is the best destination for many travelers. Located along the Himalayas between China and India in South Asia, the country has some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet, from snow-capped mountains … Read more

8 best places to stay in Luang Prabang (with photos and map)

Villa Oasis

[ad_1] Luang Prabang is a city in northern Laos bordered by the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers. This colorful and artistic city is full of colonial-style buildings and a plethora of incredible temples and was once home to many members of the Lao royal family. Monks walk the streets alongside noisy street vendors and longtime … Read more

10 most beautiful islands near Bali


[ad_1] Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods, is Indonesia’s main tourist destination. Combining an incredible history with an exotic and spiritual culture, Bali offers something for everyone. Best of all, the island is truly beautiful, with everything from lush green forests to mountains to white sand beaches. Although Bali is a destination … Read more