Filipeando in Boracay

[ad_1] Jakarta – Manila and from here another flight to Boracay, our first destination in the Philippines, and apparently that of many more tourists. Although, we expected it to be more crowded, and more after knowing that it is now summer here, which means high season, which means very high prices! We were lucky to … Read more


[ad_1] After the 42-hour adventure on the boat “La Milagrosa” we decided to stay one day in Puerto Princesa before the next stop, and what a stop… In Puerto Princesa we meet another of the characters of the trip: Attila! This man, Turkish by origin and who lived in Rome for about 20 years, is … Read more

Surprises gives you Manila

[ad_1] TO Manila We arrived without expecting much, a huge city, one of the most populated in all of Asia, with a lot of poverty and not much to visit. However, Manila was the considered “pearl of asia“That was a few centuries ago … things have changed, will there be anything left of that resplendent … Read more

Backpacking Philippines Travel Guide

[ad_1] We have been 20 days in the Philippines And we have found it to be the most different country in all of Southeast Asia: the food, the words, the people … the truth is that if you are looking for beautiful beaches and pure nature, this is THE destination. The journey led us to … Read more


[ad_1] Manila -May 2012- The beginnings are not the best: They try to open my backpack in a crosswalk, I look back and see a transvestite who is hiding by whistling. Hotels are ugly and expensive. In the end we find one that looks like a bargain: something bad has to have. And we discovered … Read more

Accommodation in El Nido, Palawan

[ad_1] El Nido is without a doubt one of the places in the Philippines that you are probably going to go to. We did it from Coron by ferry. Accommodation in El Nido is very varied, since, in addition to having several areas to stay in, there is also accommodation for all budgets. So, If … Read more