20 things to see and do in Ubud (and surroundings)

[ad_1] Ubud, translated as “place of healing”, is the second most visited city in Bali, but, unlike Kuta, Ubud has managed to preserve its traditional atmosphere and its welcoming character. It is a good place to base yourself on the island and learn more about Balinese art and culture. Also in Ubud and its surroundings … Read more

Top 20 things to do in Indonesia

[ad_1] Indonesia is one of the destinations we are looking forward to returning to. During our first trip we only decided to explore two of its thousands of islands: Java and Bali. Later we returned about 3 more times to Bali and made a short foray to the Gili Islands. But we still have a … Read more

Travel guide to Nusa Penida (Bali)

[ad_1] Bali is magical, it has something special. Few people question this. However, it is also noisy, chaotic, has hellish traffic and is full of tourists practically all year round. Perhaps these are reasons enough for more and more travelers to dare to explore the neighboring island of Nusa penida. So if you are also … Read more

The 8 best beaches in Bali (for bathing and surfing)

[ad_1] Oh Bali… Travelers love its culture and temples, its delicious cuisine, its photogenic rice fields and the ever-present smile on the face of the Balinese. But what about their beaches? Well, the truth is that practically only surfers choose Bali as a travel destination, motivated exclusively by its beaches. However, taking into account that … Read more

Top 15 things to see and do in Canggu

[ad_1] Since it became several decades ago one of the most desired destinations on the planet, the Island of the Gods has not stopped changing, surprising with its incredible ability to reinvent itself. Sometimes for the better, many others unfortunately for the worse. It will be up to you to decide which side of the … Read more

35 things to see and do in Bali

[ad_1] We have already talked about the personality disturbances that this wonderful island has, although it is clear to us that, if you know how to get off the beaten track, this Indonesian island will make you fall in love. Here you have 35 things to see and do in Bali (from the most touristy … Read more

what to do and all the useful information

[ad_1] When you have a neighbor as popular as Bali, it’s no wonder many don’t even notice your presence. This is what happened to Lombok for decades, until a few years ago travelers began to look at it looking for alternatives to the Island of the Gods. They were sure to be in for a … Read more

What to see in Sulawesi, Indonesia

[ad_1] We tell you what to see in Sulawesi, one of my favorite places, and this makes Indonesia my favorite country. Although it is difficult to think about which country I liked the most, it is Indonesia, since each place has its charm, which makes it different. You can take a look at our Sulawesi … Read more