We arrived to Vientiane with a very clear preconception: it is an ugly city and without more. And as always happens to us… we were wrong! We would not say that it is the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia, but we have found ourselves very comfortable. So backpackers traveling to Laos … don’t miss Vientiane!


The sunsets that Vientiane has given us have been unforgettable, and very funny have been the walks along the banks of the great Mekong where we have come across dozens and dozens of people of all ages doing all kinds of sports: young people who play soccer, girls skating, grandparents who run, bike races and they even have aerobics classes for only 30 cents an hour … and very busy!




With a bike we have approached the Patuxai, the triumphal arch and the national monument, although the latter has not convinced us much. But the best thing has been to get lost with the bike through the streets farthest from the center and live the true Vientiane full of street vendors, children playing, monks praying and cleaning their temples. In one of them Rober even participated in the bets of some monks on his weight and height where the judge was a most original mobile scale! It was funny to see when the paper with the result came out from the scale and the monks compared it and chose who among them had the best tipin! And I will always remember the exquisite dumpling soup that I have eaten in a most authentic Chinese restaurant! MMM






What anecdote tell you that the padlock Rober’s bike got stuck, and had to catch a tuk tuk tuk to go back to the hotel … yes, as soon as the guy at the reception touched the bike, it came back like new … hehe what doesn’t happen to us!


After 3 days in the capital of Laos we head to one of the most curious destinations of our trip … we go to Kong Lor’s cave! But we will tell you this in the next episode …


Transport. How to get to Vientiane?

From Vang Vieng we caught a minibus for 50,000k, which in about 4 hours arrived in the center of Vientiane.

Accommodation. Where to sleep in Vientiane?

We stayed at the Youth Inn 1, for 60,000 a night, we do NOT advise it since in the end we realized that the thousands of bites we had were not from mosquitoes but from bugs that were in the bed brrrrr


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