Koh Rong: a few days of dreaming



We could not have imagined it more beautiful. The New Years Eve This year was a dream! We moved to the beach, and surrounded by coconut trees, white sand and crystal clear waters we lay down on the mats of a bar having a few beers… at 50 cent! Perfect…


Suddenly a foreigner approaches us and gives us a flyer for the party of the year: party on the beach, fireworks, cheap alcohol and remixing the hits of the year the best DJs !!! We could not believe it! We decided to get closer and there was the rock giving everything: dancing and drinking, the best fireworks ever seen, bathroom at 00.00 celebrating the beginning of 2012 until beep beep beep …

… I still look at Rober, who still has the blemishes on his face and I can’t believe it: we fell asleep !!!! The mega super fashion cool party was a dream !!! We have spent New Year’s Eve sleeping … We are old people !!! Even our parents made life more crazy than us! Something unforgettable will have to do to start this 2012 well that surprised us sleeping?!…. and this something we already have it clear! KOH RONG ISLAND !! There we go!


We prepare our backpacks and get on the ferry that will take us to paradise in two hours. Reality exceeded expectations: super fine, white sand, turquoise waters, sun, good food, good people, many dogs, few tourists, no internet, telephones, with few hours of electricity a day and most important of all: relaxation … We have left a piece of heart on this island (Rober also left a piece of his stomach on the return of the ferry).


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Again Sihanoukville We make the discovery of the week: a little restaurant near the beach with good, nice and cheap dishes: yesterday it was a real trauma when we realized that what we were eating was the last barracuda teryaki with mango sauce …


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Luckily, the tragedy was joined by laughter when the owner of the bar approached our table and told us with beer in hand “I toast to you, may your trip continue as well” and Rober said “thank you, thank you you! ” taking the beer (which the poor man would like to drink) from his hands …

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Next destination: Kampot, the land of the world’s most sought-after pepper 🙂

PS If you want to know how was our return to Koh Rong a few years later you can look at this post


Transport. How to get to Sihanoukville and Koh Rong?

Sihanoukville: We arrived from Siem Reap with Sorya. It costs 10 dollars and you have to change the bus in Phnom Penh. It takes about 12 hours in total.

Koh rong: We hired the boat in the GH for 15 dollars round trip, with pick up included. It takes 2 hours and is quite busy.

Accommodation. Where to sleep in Sihanoukville and Koh Rong?

Sihanoukville: the first nights we spent in the GBT. The normal price here is $ 7, we paid more because the prices multiplied around the new year. It’s simple, with a good restaurant and close to Serendipity beach. The second stage we stayed in the Romny GH, with more complete rooms although a bit further from the Serendipity beach. You can negotiate the 10 dollars they ask for, we pay 8.

Koh rong: we slept in the yum yum restaurant: double room without bathroom $ 5, the cheapest we saw on the island

Where to eat:

The restaurant and travel agency Navann it’s great! The menu is very varied and different and at really low prices. It is on the way down to Serendipity Beach from the GBT. In front of the Utopia they make delicious little dogs for 75 cents. Also, if you want to enjoy a good “porchetta” in front of the GBT you can find it!

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