The 8 best beaches in Bali (for bathing and surfing)


best beaches Bali

Oh Bali… Travelers love its culture and temples, its delicious cuisine, its photogenic rice fields and the ever-present smile on the face of the Balinese. But what about their beaches? Well, the truth is that practically only surfers choose Bali as a travel destination, motivated exclusively by its beaches. However, taking into account that it is an island … there is a choice and we warn you that some of these beaches are very beautiful. In this article we will try to reduce the list to the 8 best beaches in Bali.

They may not be able to compete with the spectacular waters of other neighboring countries such as Thailand or the Philippines or even with other places in Indonesia … but if you visit Bali and you like surfing or you love being soaked in salt water, you have to dedicate a few days to explore its coast. Keep reading because we are going to make it easier for you by telling you which are the best beaches in Bali… For surfing and bathing.

:: Beaches to surf in Bali ::

Do you love your surfboard more than your girlfriend? Well, go preparing your luggage to get to know one of the places in the world with the most tradition of this sport and enjoy the wonderful waves of the Island of the Gods. Ah! But in addition to the table, don’t forget your boyfriend / girlfriend because here there are beaches for everyone! 😉 Bali is a true dream come true for surf lovers or for those who have always wanted to feel the adrenaline of sliding down a wave. Warm waters and dozens of breaks to choose from around the entire island, waves all year round and for all levels. But how to talk about all these waves would take us a while … here are just some of the best beaches in Bali for surfing:


bali beaches

Probably the most famous surf spot in Bali. To get to the different peaks that this wave has, first you will have to go down to the cave that gives access to the water and then paddle towards your goal. Always with a large influx of surfers, remember that surfing here is something that only the most experienced can do.

The waves, the cliffs, the sunsets … everything in this place is magical and, whether you like surfing or not, you have to come to know Uluwatu and breathe this special atmosphere. Here you can sunbathe and take a dip in its beach (accessible at low tide), visit the Hindu temple of Uluwatu and have a drink at Single Fin, one of the best known places in Bali.


bali beaches

The west coast of Bali is quiet and few tourists venture into this area. Just over a two hour drive from Denpasar, beginners and experts will enjoy surfing the longest left in Bali. As in many other beaches, here it is essential to wear booties and gloves if you want to avoid taking an unpleasant memory of the sharp stones of this beach … which may spoil the rest of the trip.

Although it is true that normally those who come to Medewi do so with the intention of eating, sleeping and surfing, the surroundings of this beach are too beautiful not to spend a little time exploring them.


best beaches in Bali

It is not just one beach, but three. Surfers of all levels can find their perfect wave among the black sand beaches from this place that has become so fashionable in recent years and that has stolen the limelight from the mythical Kuta beach.

Batu bolong It is ideal for beginners and longboard lovers, but it is always quite crowded. Those with an intermediate level and daring beginners wanting to escape the crowded Batu Bolong, will enjoy fun waves at the beach of Berawa. And lastly, any advanced surfer dropping by Canggu will know in advance that your site is on. Echo beach.

From typical family-run bars to trendy clubs, in any of these three beaches you will find venues for all tastes and pockets, where surfers and non-surfers meet in the late afternoon for a drink while the sun sets on the horizon.


bali beaches

Suffice it to say that last year it was held in this place one of the World League events Surf (WSL) to get an idea of ​​the paradise that this beach is for those who practice this sport. Considered one of the best waves on the whole island, it is suitable only for surfers with a advanced / expert level. In fact, it is quite likely that you will meet a pro when you get in the water, so you know, do not cross his path (on his wave in this case!) And always respect other surfers.

Those who do not suffer, can be calm because they will not be bored. Stroll, read, sunbathe … or come to the Komune Resort & Beach Club for a drink and a swim in the pool and enjoy the incredible views.

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:: Beaches for bathing in Bali ::

If surfing is not your thing, but the sun, sand and salt water are … read on because in Bali there are also perfect beaches for you:


bali beaches

Located to the north of the island, most tourists come here attracted by the possibility of see dolphins. Lovina beach is still a quiet place compared to other areas of Bali, ideal to contemplate wonderful sunrises, walk through its volcanic sand (with flip flops, which being black when the sun hits you do not see how it burns), tanning in the sun again and turn around or put on some goggles and dive into the water to contemplate the abundant marine fauna among the reefs of this beach.


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But if there is a perfect place to see colorful fish and coral reefs in very good condition, that’s Amed. East of Bali and with spectacular views of the Agung volcano, this beach with crystal clear waters and black sand still retains the rural charm of the island. Although it must be said that it is not the tropical setting that one probably expects to find, those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of other parts of Bali have their personal paradise here.

And if you like scuba diving, in Amed you will have a great surprise: a wrecked Japanese ship a few meters from the shore, surrounded by lots of colorful fish.


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Also known for being a great surf spot, Padang Padang is a little gem. A golden sands cove Surrounded by lush vegetation and green cliffs, a postcard-perfect place for a day of complete relaxation in the sun … or the umbrella 😉 When the waters are calm and there is no current, soaking in its spectacular turquoise waters is the best to beat the heat. Well, that or a very cool coconut. In addition, at low tide you can venture to explore the incredible surroundings and take pictures, especially at sunset.

Upon arrival you will find a ticket office where you can pay the 10,000 INR access fee (less than € 1) and from there the entrance to paradise descending the narrow stairs that make their way between the limestone rocks.


best beaches in Bali

Balangan is not just one of the beautiful beaches in the south of the island, it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Bali. In this shimmering strip of white sand you can breathe that tropical atmosphere so longed for by many of those who come to this part of the world, seeking to disconnect from the routine day-to-day life. A place of those where you feel that time passes slowly and you wish it would be like this forever.

As if that weren’t enough to be able to enjoy a perfect sunny day, salt water and delicious (and also cheap) food in one of the local restaurants that are on the beach, here you can also contemplate how the sun hides in the immensity of the Indian Ocean from its rocky cliffs … One of the most beautiful sunsets in Bali.

:: Map with the best beaches in Bali ::

We leave you a map with the location of all the beaches that we have presented in the article, so that you know which one catches you more at hand 😉

These are just some of the best beaches for surfing and bathing in Bali… But there are many more! Don’t think about it and go ahead and discover one of the most spectacular and complete islands in the world 😉

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best beaches in Bali


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