42 hours at sea. Ferry from Iloilo to Puerto Princesa



Without a flight reservation to change islands in the Philippines, we have no choice but to contemplate the idea of ​​the boat. In the guide he talks about a company of boats, one such “Miraculous”, of which no one we asked is aware … “Boats from Iloilo to Puerto Princesa?… Miraculous?… I don’t know, ask there… ”Well, we did, ask a lot of places to see if they gave us any information.

And finally bingo! Exists! It leaves on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we have time to get to Iloilo, where the departure port is, and buy the ticket! With him in hand, doubts begin to come to us… A boat called La Milagrosa, which will be sailing for more than 40 hours, I don’t know, I don’t know. Perhaps the idea of ​​the plane would have been better, although certainly more expensive.

The cabin we booked was of “admiral” class, which, including the student discount, came out for about 25 euros each, here is the reason for the choice;). In addition, we were quite struck by feeling like sailors for a few hours.

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At 7 in the afternoon we boarded our private Titanic, which fortunately would not be shipwrecked. We occupy our berths in the cabin with 3 other people and between introductions we begin to hear the engines starting up, and the horn blowing calling the furthest behind, who take the opportunity to make the last purchases at the port.

We start on time. Two nights await us on board. The first one was more comfortable than expected, although the nerves of the moment did not let us rest completely. During the next day we arrived at Cuyo islands, midway, where our cabinmate Jesús Sandoval got off, a man with an exciting life, who very kindly invited us to take a shower at his house, on a private beach, as he told us. The weather outside was really bad, raining non-stop, so we changed our plans, and went out alone for an hour to eat on the beach near the port.

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The second night we fell exhausted like babies in their cribs, perhaps the beers that we had on board had something to do with it, sharing the deck with other travelers who hang out between card games, eternal talks and toasts, all in a very peculiar environment , surrounded by water, the sound of engines and the swaying of the waves.

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We arrive in Puerto Princesa around one in the afternoon, about 42 hours later, in what will become the longest journey of our trip and one of the most positive experiences we have had so far.


Transportation How to get to Iloilo?

From Boracay we took a tricycle to the port (20 pesos) and there the ferry (30 pesos), obliged to pay the happy fee (100 pesos). In 13 minutes we were in the Calibo port, here they no longer make you pay anything, just at the exit a direct bus to Iloilo (335 pesos) is waiting. The journey takes 6 hours and leaves you at a station quite far away. From here we took a jeepney to the Capital area (13 pesos) where we would stay.

Transportation How to book the boat from Iloilo to Puerto Pricesa?

The next day in the morning we walked to the port from where the Miraculous and where they have the office (you can go by jeepney for 12 pesos in the direction of Br. Obrero, from the Capitol roundabout). There are 4 types of places on the boat, between 900 and 1,500 pesos (not including student discount). The 3 cheapest you share with at least 50 people, the cheapest are even half uncovered. Our ticket in Admiral cost us 1,336 pesos with a discount. To return in the afternoon to board, we took a taxi for 50 pesos from the hotel.

Accommodation Where to sleep in Iloilo?

In Iloilo in the Family Pension for 450 pesos, in a shabby room with bathroom, and paid wifi. Although the atmosphere is nice.

Accommodation Where to sleep in Puerto Princesa?

We were in the Zircon in Valencia street, for 500 pesos, the room is more expensive but if you give up breakfast they will discount 250 pesos. The hotel is very nice, and the room with bathroom and cable TV.

It is worth traveling in Admiral class, but there are only 6 seats, so do not leave until the last minute. The boats leave the Tuesday and Thursday at 19There is another from the Montenegro company that leaves on Saturday mornings and arrives on Sunday night, we assume that it is more expensive and more luxurious. On the boat there is food and drink (for a fee), but it doesn’t hurt to buy some snacks and water. The stop in Cuyo is more than enough to go around town and eat there. At the Iloilo Tourist Office, next to the museum, they provide information on everything perfectly.


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