10 things to see and do in Shibuya, Tokyo’s liveliest neighborhood


what to see and do in shibuya

The neighborhood of Shibuya It is one of the best known in Tokyo and there is no tourist who does not dedicate at least one day (or better, one night) to it. Normal: really cool! It is always related to its famous crossing, where 2.5 million people pass every day, but this area of ​​the Japanese capital is abuzz with fashion stores, skyscrapers, restaurants and neon signs. Do you want to know what not to miss on your visit? Here we tell you the best 10 things to see and do in Shibuya.

:: What to see and do in Shibuya ::

1. Who does not know Hachiko, the most beloved puppy in all of Japan? Just outside Shibuya station there is a statue of the dog Hachiko that, after the owner’s death, he went every day (for 9 years!) to the station to see if he would return. Today it is one of the most popular meeting points in the city and it is almost mandatory to stop by and take a photo with that faithful furry friend.

There is another still rarer statue of a Moai with hair near there.

2. And of course go through the shibuya crossing! It is the symbol of the neighborhood and the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world: they say that up to 3,000 people at the same time can cross it! It is not the only one in the city, but it is undoubtedly the most popular. If you want good views (free) enter the Starbucks that you will find in front of the station (1 floor).

3. If you don’t mind paying 500 ¥ (about € 4), the views that are obtained from the viewpoint of the “Magnet” shopping center they are even more beautiful! At first it was free, but it became so fashionable that they had to start charging a token ticket -_- aiiins, Instagram and posture!

Other beautiful views (although not so amazing, of course) are those seen from the observation deck of the Shibuya Hikarie building. It’s on silver 11 and it’s free!

what to see and do in shibuya

4. Shibuya is synonymous with shopping and you can’t leave here without having (at least) checked out the latest news in Japanese fashion. To do this, enter the Shibuya 109, one of the most beloved shopping centers, full of shops and boutiques specialized in youth fashion. Another recommended shopping center is the Shibuya PARCO where, in addition, they are a Nintendo Store and the Pokemon center. By the way, in Shibuya there is also the Don Quixote largest in the city (it is a super famous dutyfree shop!). Of course, there is no shortage of stores like Zara, Berskha or H&M either.

5. Relatively recently, in November 2019, they inaugurated a viewpoint that we are sure will give a lot to talk about: the Shibuya sky. It is located on the top floor of the tallest building in the entire area, the Shibuya Scramble Square, which is 230 meters! To get there you will have to take an elevator and then go up some escalators that promise to give you a lot of vertigo. Admission costs ¥ 1,800 (about € 14) if you buy it online, or ¥ 2,000 directly there. More info here.

climb the shibuya sky

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6. Shibuya is not only a commercial and party neighborhood, it also offers places to cultivate a bit. These are some galleries and museums that may be interesting:

  • Bunkamura: a gigantic cultural center with temporary exhibitions, events, theater and cinema. More info.
  • Shibuya Cultural Center Owada: another cultural center where events are scheduled, but which stands out for the planetarium on its top floor. More info.
  • Kokugakuin University Museum: with a super interesting and free archeology exhibition about Japan. More info.
  • Yamatane Art Museum: to learn more about Japanese art and its trends. More info.

7. Do you prefer the warmth of a live show to the cold museum exhibits? In Shibuya there are lots of concert halls Y theaters where to choose. Metal, rock and pop concerts (in venues such as Tsutaya O-West, duo Music Exchange, Liquidroom, WWW or Club Quattro), classical music and plays (at the Bunkamura Theater Cocoon, the Tokyu Theater Orb or the Line Cube) .

8. A good place to dine without your wallet hurting Genki Sushi, one of our favorite Kaiten Sushi chains. 2-piece sushi dishes start at ¥ 100 and there is plenty of choice and we found the quality to be decent. In addition there is also fried chicken, soups, etc … although the truth is that we recommend you try sushi without stopping. Come on, for about € 10-15 you go rolling!

9. End the night with a cheap drink at the HUB, a franchise of pubs that you will find all over Japan and that have an ideal happy hour for the backpacker budget. You can drink highballs and mixed drinks for about 200-300 ¥ (there is Malibu colaaa, I love it, I know I’m a minority but I love it!), And they also have western food. The atmosphere is quite “intense”, but it is cool to mix from time to time with the local drunks.

what to see and do in shibuya

10. And if you still want to go, go to the curious Nonbei yokocho, a street with lots of bars and tiny izakayas where you can continue celebrating with a beer or a highball (whiskey with water and ice) or try some local delicacies.

10 + 1. Have you done all of the above and still have time to continue exploring this area of ​​Tokyo? Then walk to the nearby neighborhood of Harajuku where, among other things, the great Yoyogi Park, the Meiji Temple and Takeshita Dori Street, the paradise of cosplayers, await you. Here we tell you everything to see and do in Harajuku (coming soon).

:: Map of Shibuya ::

Here is a map of the Shibuya neighborhood and the best places to visit:

You see that in the Shibuya neighborhood there are alternatives for all tastes and getting bored is almost impossible. Do you know more things to see and do in Shibuya?

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what to visit in shibuya


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