Harajuku, anime and cosplay at Takeshita Dori


Harajuku it is the fashionable neighborhood what to visit in Tokyo, but also the geek neighborhood. Let’s say that the fauna that can be found there is curious to say the least.

This neighborhood is attached to Shibuya, so we have many places around to visit.

If we talk about cosplay, anime Y geekism in general, we have to talk basically about two places, Yoyogi Park Y Takeshita dori or Takeshita street

Anime & Cosplay

Unfortunately, what you can see on a Sunday morning, you won’t see on a Tuesday or Thursday. And it is that it is on Sunday mornings, from nine in the morning until twelve or one in the afternoon when the most curious guys get together, perhaps from all over the city.

On the one hand in the very neighboring park of Yoyogi Park there are those old rockers willing to show their art when it comes to dancing rock and roll. Old rockers never die, and their boots … may take a long time to die too.

Every Sunday morning these perfectly dressed rockers gather there, with their leather jackets, toupees, sideburns and boots, many of them completely worn. And of course, that the music does not stop, yes, only rock and roll.

We were a little late on Sunday, so we couldn’t enjoy that curious spectacle.

Sundays are also the day when young Tokyoites gather on this street, Takeshita Dori. There they go dressed in costumes of their favorite characters, doing cosplay.

Harajuku Takeshita Dori

Cosplay comes from English and is the contraction of costome play. Thus, they dress up as manga, anime, movie or video game characters and get together with their friends.

In addition, on Sundays you can also see quite a few urban tribes, but, as I mentioned before, we did not arrive in Tokyo until after noon. So, if you want to see this urban spectacle, plan your trip to be in this fun neighborhood on a Sunday morning.

Harajuku Takeshita Dori

Takeshita dori

This is the quintessential street in the Harajuku neighborhood. It is usually crowded with people, well, like most of the city. There are dozens of stores that sell everything, but above all they are focused on merchandising of Japanese idols, lingerie, of course cafes and restaurants.

Harajuku Takeshita Dori

This street is curious from its entrance, with a huge sign that tells us that we do not enter one more street of the millions that there are in Tokyo. No, we are in Takeshita Dori, and from the moment we go under the sign, our senses will be hyper stimulated. Music, bright colors, smells, people and more people, all kinds of people.

Harajuku Takeshita Dori
Harajuku Takeshita Dori

It is a relatively short street, so after walking it from beginning to end, we decided to look for other alleys. Some curious cafeteria where to make a stop along the way. And of course we find really curious places that are worth it.

So there is life beyond Takeshita Dori.

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What to see near Harayuku

Close, very close to Harayuku is Shibuya, You can go walking. But closer still is Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Shrine. Both almost sharing a large park, perhaps the lung of Tokyo.

Shinjuku, somewhat further away, it is also a nearby place that well deserves at least one view. Perhaps the most Tokyo neighborhood, the neighborhood that can most remind us of all the images we are used to about Tokyo.

How to get to the Harajuku neighborhood

The fastest way and that leaves you right in the Harajuku neighborhood is the stop of the same name, Harajuku.

This stop corresponds to the Japan Rail, and the line is the Yamanote Line, the oldest in the city.

Accommodation in Tokyo

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The entire week we spent in Tokyo we stayed in an apartment that we found through AirBnb. And the experience was the best of all. The apartment was small, located in a 13-story building with stunning views of the city.

At night, you could see Shibuya, as it is the most illuminated area in the entire city.

The apartment is just ten minutes walk from the train stop Ikejiri-oshasi, line Tokyu Den-en-toshi.

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The hotel we stayed in is called Hotel Horidome Villa.

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