What to see in Sulawesi, Indonesia


We tell you what to see in Sulawesi, one of my favorite places, and this makes Indonesia my favorite country.

Although it is difficult to think about which country I liked the most, it is Indonesia, since each place has its charm, which makes it different.

You can take a look at our Sulawesi travel itinerary.

During our second trip to Indonesia we visited the strange Sulawesi island. And I say strange for some other reason. On the one hand its shape, like a four-fingered hand.

Then there are the tana toraja, a curious community that understands life as the way of preparation towards death. And death as a journey into eternity.

There are many paradisiacal islands, the archipelago of Togian islands, the Bunaken Islands Natural Park. Dozens of incredible, hyper-colorful coral barriers, with pristine waters, with great visibility, up to 30 meters. Under these conditions, it looks more like a diving paradise, and it is, I attest.

How to get to Sulawesi

The gateway to Sulawesi is usually its capital, Makassar, a curious city where they exist, located to the south of the island. But another gateway is Manado, another very curious city, which is in North Sulawesi.

There are dozens of flights from Jakarta or Singapore, and luckily, the prices are not high, since these flights are operated by several airlines, including Air Asia (the one we choose).

Weather in Sulawesi, when to travel

In Sulawesi there are two stations, the dry season and the wet season.

The wet season It goes from the months of October to April. The temperatures are high, the humidity is high and it rains often.

The dry season, corresponds to the rest of the months, from May to September. As a curiosity, this season is colder than the wet one. But when we talk about cold, we talk about minimum temperatures of 30 degrees and maximums of 33-34.

In this article we will tell you more detail about the best time of year to travel to Sulawesi.

What to see in Sulawesi


Rantepao Sulawesi
Rantepao It is the home of the tana toraja and the most important city in the region. The city itself is ugly, small, but the environment that surrounds it makes it special, spectacular.

Toraja funerals

Seek and experience the sensations and feelings that are mixed during the celebration of a Toraja funeral. We tell you in this link how to go to a toraja funeral on your own, based on our experience.


Rantepao Sulawesi
Small town where death is as present as life. If you are not claustrophobic, go deep into its caves, of course, with a local guide.

Kete kesu

This town has the most impressive set of traditional Toraja houses in the region.
See the coffins hanging down on the cliff walls. The question is how could they do that there?


Catch a bemo at the station Bolus to Batutumonga and enjoy a trek through the most rural area of ​​the Toraja territory.

Togian Islands

Togian islands
The Togian Islands are dozens of incredible islands, paradisiacal beaches, coral reefs, an incredible fauna and flora both on land and in the sea.


Very difficult to access. Getting from Rantepao can take more than a day, and there are not always ships that arrive, two a week from Ampana, two a week to Gorontalo. Without electricity, except for a few hours of generator, or internet, you only eat what you catch during the day.

Togian islands

Enjoy snorkeling in the surrounding islands. Live the underwater world in the most incredible coral reefs. Eating on islands inhabited only by monitor lizards. Villages of the Bajau, gypsies of the sea, floating on the Gulf of Tomini.


Togian islands
Access is just as complex, or perhaps more so than Poyalisa. There is no internet, although there is more generator hours. A visit to the coconut crabs, with claws capable of breaking a coconut, hence its name. They can only be found on this island, nowhere else in the world

Swimming in a freshwater lagoon filled with jellyfish that have no poison. Like coconut crabs, they can only be seen here in Kadidiri.

Go diving, as it has a PADI accredited school.

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See the sunsets with the island One One and go on a trek through its active volcano.

Togian islands

Enjoy incredible marine fauna and flora, and snorkel to exhaustion.

Try the arrak or arak, Indonesian rum.

Bunaken Islands

We did not get to go to the Bunaken Islands. It is another paradise, also difficult to access. Those who have enjoyed diving in its waters say that it is an incredible place that is worth it. We leave the decision to get there in your hands, but if you have time, don’t hesitate to go.

As you can see, there are many plans that this strange island of Sulawesi offers. If you have already been to Indonesia, you will know that each island is different, it has nothing to do with the ones around it. So Sulawesi is a destination to be reckoned with.

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