Georgia’s mountainous military highway on the way to Kazbegi


Sometimes in travel, when you move from one place to another, this journey is more impressive than the place you are going to visit. This happened to us when we went to Kazbegi down the Georgia military highway. But it was not the first time that we had the feeling of enjoying incredible landscapes on a road, it happened to us in Reunion Island, when we went to visit Cilaos and the Piton des Neiges in public transport, by the Cilaos road, amazing.

Well, we live our second experience on a unique road, the mountainous georgia military highway. And I call it mountainous because the real protagonists were its impressive mountains that made up a landscape like I had never seen before.

georgia military highway

But let’s first see why this road is called that, and what its history is.

History of the Georgia Military Highway

This is not a new road, far from it, its layout dates back to before the 1st century BC. The ends of this road are Tbilisi and the Russian city of Vladikavkaz, so it was used among other purposes, as a commercial route. But also as an entry point for the Russians into Georgia, in any way to make them more than just neighbors, part of their territory.

georgia military highway

The road as such was not built until the 19th century, and it was the Russians who made the titanic effort to build its route through the mountains. Not surprisingly, this road passes through the now ski resort of Gudairi.


But the first mountains can be seen once you pass Ananuri, a beautiful Georgian fortress. It is a mandatory stop.

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The mountains

Well yes, the Caucasus, those impassable, difficult mountains, the natural border between Georgia and Russia, are a spectacle that you have to live and enjoy.

georgia military highway

When you leave Ananuri, some mountains begin to take shape and height, which as the kilometers pass they get higher and higher. And also the cars begin to climb and climb, and you see how the curves, sometimes impossible, take you to the snowy peaks.

georgia military highway

One of the most spectacular points you can see once you pass the Gudairi ski resort. For some reason, I could not say which, I felt that I had flown thirty, forty years ago in time. Perhaps the trucks and cars that were circulating, being Soviet-looking, made me think that I had traveled back in time.

And, it was at that moment when the road begins to descend, and the snow invades everything, I felt I was inside some scene of the Doctor Zhivago, weird, no? Next to the road there was a tunnel, which was not very good looking, but it seemed that it was being used. Perhaps it is at the time of heavy snow, when the road becomes impassable, the time when that tunnel is used to cross this mountainous part of the Georgian military highway.

georgia military highway

Little by little, the white color gave way to green, even though there were impressive moles on each side of the road, they were no longer so. The distance to Kazbegi, a mountain that rises no less than 5,033 meters high, was already less. And even less was the distance to Stepasminda, where we enjoyed one of the churches situated in a spectacular place, Gergeti.

georgia military highway

We looked at Kazbegi and we knew that right behind was Russia, since this mountain is the physical and political border between the two countries. And we looked around us, and there were dozens of Russians who had come there to see and enjoy one of the best-known pictures of Georgia, Gergeti looking at Kazbegi.


And if we did not have little with the way to Kazbegi, we enjoyed the same way on the way back to Tbilisi, but with another perspective. Although it seems silly, we also loved this round, in the end, the opposite route, in some way it is different. So that day we enjoyed many things, the church of Jvari, Mtskheta (former capital of Georgia), Ananuri, Gergeti vs. Kazbegi and this beautiful georgia military highway.


Accommodation in Tbilisi

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We went during the week of May 1, which is the Russian national holiday, so the city, well the whole country, was full of Russians. It took us a little while to find an accommodation that was centrally located and its price was also quite good, for some reason everything was very expensive.

We finally decided on him Red Fox Guest House. The truth is that it is very good, it is a fairly new accommodation, the rooms are normal and the bathrooms are shared. It also has breakfast included.

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The location of Red Fox Guest House It is very good, as it is located about three or four minutes walk from Meidan Square.

Tamara is the person who owns the accommodation and is responsible, really a very nice person who helped us a lot and gave us a lot of information about the city.


In fact, on our way back to Tbilisi, to catch the plane back, we stayed there again.

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