How to get from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe


If you are thinking of going from Tbilisi to Uplistsikhe, you have to know that there are several alternatives you have to get to one of the places that you should not miss if you go to Georgia. The cave city of Uplistsikhe. While it is true that throughout the country you can find more cave cities, Uplistsikhe it has the peculiarity of being the oldest. It is believed that the origins of Uplistsikhe they date back more than two thousand years old.

And the good thing about going to Uplistsikhe is that you have to get to Gori Yes or yes. Despite everything we had read about this city, “it’s not worth it”, “you can skip it”, etc, we decided to go there, and I have to say that spending three hours there, eating and then going to Uplistsikhe is a good plan.

go from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe

If you want to know more about Uplistsikhe, check out this article, Uplistsikhe, the ancient cave city in Georgia.

A couple of brush strokes on Gori, Iosif Stalin born here. Yes, although he was the person who ruled the USSR with an iron fist, he was not born in Russia, but rather in Georgia, always in the orbit of the Russian giant. For some strange reason, two of the bloodiest characters in our recent history were not born in the countries they ruled. The other character is Hitler, an Austrian by birth.

go from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe

So in GoriAmong other things, you can see the house where he was born and a museum about his figure.

Maybe Gori It doesn’t sound like much to you, but if I tell you South Ossetia? Sadly, Gori was one of the places where the South Ossetian War in 2008 more victims were claimed. This war was motivated by the control and dispute of regions of Abkhazia Y South ossetia between Russia and Georgia.

As a result of this war, the city of Gori was bombed and invaded by Russian troops for two weeks. The result, more than a hundred dead, including a Dutch reporter covering the conflict. Terrible.

There are more things to see in this small town, you can take a look at this article that we have written, Gori, the city that gave birth to Stalin in Georgia.

As you can see, it is an excursion that you can do in the day, going and coming back from Tbilisi.

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How to get from Tbilisi to Gori

Well, the cheapest way is using the mashkrutas, Georgia’s transportation par excellence. Besides being the cheapest way, it is also fast, barely two hours, and the road is quiet.

go from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe

So if you are thinking of going by this means of transport, you must get to the bus stop. Didube metro, since it is there where you will find one of the several mashkruta stations that the city has. And it is from Didube where the mashkrutas leave for Gori. You have to catch the metro in the Plaza de la Libertad.

When you come out of the metro station, head to the right, all the way to the end. You will immediately see the word Gori on the windshield of the Mashkrutas.

go from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe

The price is the same for all, 3 laris, to change one euro. They will also give you a ticket with the indicated price. Of course, the mashkruta doesn’t come out until it’s full, but don’t worry, if you go early, around nine in the morning, they fill up quickly.

go from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe

Do not listen to those who tell you, if they do, on the way to the Gori mashkruta, that they are taking you, since the price you are going to pay is very high. They are usually taxi drivers.

How to go from Gori to Uplistsikhe

Here you have two options, either go by mashkruta or by taxi. We are going to see the differences between one and another means of transport.

If you go by mashkruta, you have to catch it at the bus station where the mashkruta with origin in Tbilisi left you. The problem with going in this means of transport is that it does not leave you in Uplistsikhe, if not that you have to walk about two kilometers to the entrance to the enclosure of the city of caves. And considering the heat…. I don’t know if it’s worth it. Also, there is no mashkruta at all hours to return to Gori.

go from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe

The taxi is the option we choose, for 30 laris (10 euros), it took us to Uplistsikhe, which is located about fifteen kilometers away. He waited for us the time we were doing the archaeological visit, and he returned us to the Gori mashkruta station to return to Tbilisi.

Mashkrutas from Gori to Tbilisi also run continuously, so you won’t have a problem getting back in time to enjoy the sunset in the Georgian capital.

The truth is that for that price and the service it offers, it is an option that we found the best.

Accommodation in Tbilisi

The truth is that Tblisi is a city with a lot of tourism, especially Russians and other nationalities from former Soviet republics, so if there is something that is not lacking, it is accommodation of all types, categories and prices.

We went during the week of May 1, which is the Russian national holiday, so the city, well the whole country, was full of Russians. It took us a little while to find an accommodation that was centrally located and its price was also quite good, for some reason everything was very expensive.

We finally decided on him Red Fox Guest House. The truth is that it is very good, it is a fairly new accommodation, the rooms are normal and the bathrooms are shared. It also has breakfast included.

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The location of Red Fox Guest House It is very good, as it is located about three or four minutes walk from Meidan Square.

Tamara is the person who owns the accommodation and is responsible, really a very nice person who helped us a lot and gave us a lot of information about the city.


In fact, on our way back to Tbilisi, to catch the plane back, we stayed there again.

In the following link, Red Fox Guest House, you can see the availability of dates, prices and more photos about this accommodation.

You can also see more options in the following link, Accommodation in Tbilisi.

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