Accommodation in El Nido, Palawan


El Nido is without a doubt one of the places in the Philippines that you are probably going to go to. We did it from Coron by ferry. Accommodation in El Nido is very varied, since, in addition to having several areas to stay in, there is also accommodation for all budgets.

So, If you are going to stay to sleep in El Nido, we will tell you where we stay, the chosen area, as well as other alternatives.

As I have told you, we came to El Nido from Coron, and that has a reason. Because we did not have more than two weeks to visit the Philippines, we had to choose and discard.

As an option to do island hopping and enjoy nice beaches, we choose Crown instead of El Nido, why? Well, in recent years El Nido has become very popular, so it is very crowded with tourists.

The scenery is still spectacular, but El Nido is no longer the fishing village it was until a few years ago. So between what we had read before arriving in the Philippines, and what other travelers were telling us along the way, we decided to stay with Crown for island hopping.

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Sunset at El Nido

In El Nido we only stayed one night, we liked the town, but it was very crowded, which confirmed the suspicions of finding ourselves in a place too full.

Accommodation in El Nido, where to sleep

Depending on what you are looking for and how long you are going to be, El Nido can be a very good option, complementary to Coron. If you have time, I advise you to go to both places.

El Nido Town

El Nido Town is the liveliest area, in fact it is the old fishing village, where the ferries disembark.

This area is full of hostels, bars, travel agencies to book your island hopping, a beach where you can enjoy the sunset and a night market where you can enjoy street food. It is undoubtedly the busiest area in El Nido.

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As we were going to spend only one night, since early the next day we were going to Port bartonThis was the place where we decided to sleep in El Nido.

The accommodation where we stayed to sleep in El Nido Town was Sei Nazioni Cottages.

We were quite surprised to get there and find ourselves in the middle of the Rizal street, which, through a door, was a quiet place full of cabins.

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Night market in El Nido

The downside was that our bungalow was next to the road so it turned out to be quite noisy. If we had stayed in any of the other bungalows in this accommodation, it would have been a perfect experience.

But this place is no longer available, they have closed.

In the following map, you can see the options and prices of the accommodations to sleep in El Nido.

Corong corong

If you want more tranquility, Corong Corong is another alternative. Also, here, accommodation prices are cheaper.

The beach is not the best, but it has nice views. As an advantage over El Nido Town, is that you can stay in cabins facing the beach. In addition to having a varied accommodation offer, obviously not as much as El Nido Town.

Accommodation in El Nido

Rizal Street, El Nido

Getting to Corong Corong from El Nido is quite easy. If you are walking it will take around 20 minutes, but if you are carrying your backpack or luggage, you can take a tricycle for a few pesos.

You can take a look at the different accommodation options on the map below, in the nearby town of Corong Corong.

Lio Beach

If what you want is to enjoy another El Nido, a quieter, more peaceful one on a beach like the ones you imagine, Lio Beach is the perfect place.

What’s more, you can combine your stay in El Nido doing island hopping with a rest in an earthly paradise.

It is also true that accommodation in Lio Beach (area where the airport is located) is considerably more expensive than in Corong Corong or El Nido Town. But it is the price you have to pay to be in a much better place.

The best of all is that there are shuttles that take you from El Nido to Lio Beach, dropping you in one of the two places in ten minutes.

In addition, this area begins to have an interesting offer of accommodation, as well as restaurants.

You can take a look at the map below, to see what options you have.

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