Sacramento Travel Guide – A Tour For Beginner


Sacramento is not one of the most famous cities in California. Still, it is considered one of the cities you should live in in the United States since it is relatively tiny and knew how to grow without losing its charm. Sacramento is the Capital of California and has an international airport with links to Guadalajara, Hawaii, Mexico, and all US regions.

Compared to major cities in California, Sacramento is relatively small. (almost 500,000 inhabitants) , even so, its metropolitan area is PervasiveTemperate climate throughout the year, this city offers a series of exciting tourist attractions.

 It is interesting to know a little about its history Since it was a decisive moment about the colonization of California. So many travelers who visit Sacramento relive the time of American cowboys.

Next, you will see that the places that we offer visits to Sacramento have a little colonial history. Here is a list of the most important places to visit in Sacramento.

Sacramento Travel Guide


If you plan to visit Sacramento, you cannot miss the place where the first American pioneers settled in the California region, Fort Sutter. The events date back to 1839 when the Swiss John Sutter arrived in the Sacramento territory after receiving a concession from the Mexican government to exploit the first lands in central California.

At that time, Sacramento was called Nueva Helvetia, that is, New Switzerland. Sutter managed to create the first non-indigenous settlement in central California, and the fact of having a good government made it a popular area throughout the territory. It generated that, little by little, new immigrants were arriving eager to prevail in their lands.

Anyway, in the mid-nineteenth century, with the arrival of the gold rush, the city of Sutter was invaded by a large number of people, a fact that meant that almost the entire Fort and its houses were destroyed. However, it has been rebuilt as designed since the maps of this building were preserved. If you want to relive the history of America, visiting Fort Sutter in Sacramento is a perfect option for both adults and children.

Location: 2701 L Street
Visiting hours: Every day from 10.00 to 17.00
Rates: $ 5 / € 4.30 adults, children $ 3 / € 1.80


If you want to know what an old city in the USA was like, we recommend you visit the historic center of Sacramento, known as Old Sacramento. This area has been recreated as it was in 1848, once Fort Sutter settled in the region.

It will be fun for you to get lost in the middle of these streets full of shops and restaurants, as it is the best way for you to move back to the time of the American West and experience movie moments. In addition, in Old Sacramento, you will see boats, shops, and typical wooden houses of the time. Visiting this area is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in the city.

Another highly recommended experience is to visit the hidden city located below Old Sacramento. This visit is mandatory with guides, as they will explain ghost stories and legends of the city while you walk through an underground city.


For architecture lovers, visiting the Sacramento Capitol can be a delight, as, like all US government headquarters, this is a majestic late 19th-century building. Shaped like a pyramid, the California Capitol is very similar to Washington DC, inspired by it. You will appreciate that the interior of the building is as imposing as its exterior; the Senate Chamber is excellent and is inspired by the House of Lords of England.

Indeed, the best option is to take a leisurely walk around the Capitol; if you look at the walls of the corridors, you will see different pictures of the governors that California has had. The most curious is that of Jerry Brown since it breaks with the rest because instead of being a realistic style, it is abstract. There is also a 40-hectare garden full of flowers, a variety of trees, and memorials.

Location: 10th and L Street
Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 – Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00
Fees: Free


It is a modern museum in California since the history of the railroad in this state was of the utmost importance. In this museum, you can see life-size trains from different periods in California history, as well as vintage cars. In addition, the entire museum is recreated as if it were an old railway station.

Where to stay in Sacramento?

To stay in Sacramento, we suggest you look in the Downtown and Midtown Sacramento districts, as they are central and safe areas. In short, they are the best neighborhoods to stay in. On the other hand, we advise you to discard the areas of Oak Park and Del Paso Heights, in the north of the city, since they are somewhat dangerous and conflictive districts.

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