Best time of year to travel to Georgia


If you are planning your trip to visit the Caucasian country, we are going to tell you what is the best time of year to travel to Georgia, since depending on the month of the year you decide to go, the weather can change a lot.

You also have to take into account that there is not the same climate in the whole country, that is, the climate that you can find in the capital, Tbilisi, has little to do with the temperatures of more mountainous areas or the famous city of Batumi, in the Black Sea. In the latter, the beach is the main protagonist, let’s say it is the Georgia resort town par excellence.

So let’s see what the best time of year to travel to Georgia.

Best time of year to travel to Georgia

Winter in Georgia

The months of November to March They are the coldest as well as rainy, so going during this time of year will not let you enjoy places like Kazbegi. Mount Kazbegi is located at a height of over five thousand meters, yes you heard correctly. And the town of StepantsmindaAs far as you have to go, it is more than a thousand meters high, so the winter months, which are quite cold, are not the best to enjoy a visit to, perhaps, the most photographed place in the country, Gergeti Church.


And not only that, Georgia It is a very mountainous country, and to get to the aforementioned Gergeti church in Stepantsminda, you have to cross a road with an incredible landscape, Georgian Military Highway. If the weather is not optimal, it is going to be a really difficult journey.

Another place that will be difficult to get to during those months is the Svaneti region. We did not get to go, and we traveled in May, but it is difficult to arrive in good weather, so imagine if the weather is not the most optimal. In addition, to enjoy certain places, the weather must always accompany you.

georgia military highway

To give you an idea of ​​the temperatures, during the winter months, the average temperature ranges from a maximum of five degrees to several degrees below zero and snowfalls in the most mountainous areas.

Spring in Georgia

The spring months are when the weather starts to get better, but late March and April can still be a bit cool.

When the weather really starts to be much better to be able to go to all corners of the country, it is from May until September.

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The weather of Tbilisi it is cold in winter and hot in summer, with the spring and fall months milder. A continental climate.


As I have commented a little above, we went in the month of May, and except Davit garejaWhere I think it was very hot, the rest of the country had very good temperatures. Even reaching Kazbegi, with the georgian military highway and its snowy landscape was easy, and the temperatures very mild.

Best time of year to travel Georgia

We did not go to Batumi, the city on vacation, but from the months of May-June is when you can start to enjoy some good baths.
In fact, this town has a kind of subtropical climate, funny right? Aren’t we supposed to be in the Caucasus?

Yes, this area is subtropical with rains especially in the fall, so if you are thinking of a bath in Batumi, the best time of year to visit is spring and summer.

Summer in Georgia

Summer in Georgia is a good time to go to the west, that is, the Black Sea coast, and again, the town of Batumi.

The temperatures are also milder in the high mountainous areas, without being hot. So if places like Mtskheta, Uplistsikhe, Davit gareja or Tbilisi may be somewhat warmer, the mountainous areas of Svaneti Y Kazbegi they are perfect for go on excursions or trekkings in the area.

So you can combine a bit of cool in the mountains, with a bit of heat in the interior and a refreshing dip on the Black Sea coast.

Autumn in Georgia

It is perhaps next to spring the best time of year to travel to Georgia. Especially the months of September and October, since later the temperatures begin to drop considerably.

This time of year allows you to travel around the country without having to worry about the state of the roads in the more mountainous areas. Although at this time of year, there begins to be greater rainfall, without being too strong.

As you can see, spring, summer, and early fall are the best times of the year to travel to Georgia. We enjoy spring and the many places you can see in Georgia.

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