Transportation in Georgia, how to get around the country


If you are thinking of going to Georgia and you have doubts about transport there, how to move or what means of transport to use, we tell you our experience.

Luckily, Georgia is a country where the roads are not bad, and they allow you to go quite far in the same day. I comment on this, because we use as a “base of operations” Tbilisi, by the way, a city that surprised and liked us a lot.

Transportation in Georgia

There were several means of transport that we used to move around Georgia, from the famous mashkrutas (vans), car with driver and night train to go from Tbilisi to Yerevan, Armenia.

How to get from Tbilisi to Gori and Uplistsikhe

Usually people, even if they have to stop at Gori to get to Uplistsikhe, he does not usually visit the city. We did, the truth is that it has interesting places to see, beyond the house where Stalin was born. You can take a look at this article, Gori, the city that gave birth to Stalin.

Transportation in Georgia

Well, to get to Gori, you can do it in mashkruta. It is a comfortable trip that does not last long, about two hours, and it is also quite cheap, 3 laris, which is one euro to change. You have to go up Didube mashkruta station, of the same name as the metro stop. We went by subway from the Plaza de la Libertad, it took little time.

transportation in Georgia

Once you get out of the metro station, you have to head right all the way. It won’t take long to find mashkrutas with Gori’s name on the windshield.

When you get to Gori, and decide to go to Uplistsikhe, the best way is to take a taxi. For 30 lari, about 10 euros, they take you to the gate of the archaeological center of Uplistsikhe, wait for you to finish your visit, and return you to the mashkruta station to return to Tbilisi.

How to get from Tbilisi to Jvari, Mtskheta, Ananuri and Kazbegi

We did this trip on the same day, and it wasn’t a beating either. To do so, and thus save time, at the accommodation where we stayed in Tbilisi, we hired a car with a driver, who also turned out to be very nice.

transportation in Georgia

The good thing is that we were able, in this way, to visit Jvari, where to get there with mashkruta is not easy. In fact I think there is no transportation to the church.

And along the way we were stopping at Mtskheta, Ananuri Y Kazbegi. Our driver, as I said before, turned out to be very nice, and he explained many things to us about the different places, about Georgia and about Georgians. It was very worth doing it that way.

transportation in Georgia

In mashkruta it would have been impossible for us to do it in one day. Here it already depends on the time you have on your trip through Georgia.

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How to get from Tbilisi to Davit Gareja

Well, I anticipate that we went again in the same car with the same driver as Jvari, Mtskheta, Ananuri and Kazbegi. But there are more options.

You can go by mashkruta from Tbilisi to Sagarejo, and once you get there, you have to take a taxi that takes you directly to Davit gareja. It may be the cheapest way, but it is also the slowest. These mashkrutas come out from the Navtlugi bus station. They take about an hour to reach Sagarejo. And then there you have to look for a taxi that will take you and bring you from this town, and then take the mashkruta back to Tbilisi.

transportation in Georgia

There’s also direct excursions from Tbilisi to Davit Gareja with the company Gareji line during the months of April to October. Some mini buses leave from Pushkin Street, very close to Freedom Square. The departure time is at 11 in the morning. The return time is usually at 7 in the afternoon. Take a look at their Facebook page, and also ask at your accommodation to make sure of the hours and availability of seats.

How to go by night train from Tbilisi to Yerevan

This was the option we decided to make this journey. The reasons were various. We like to travel by train. If it is also nocturnal, we take the opportunity to sleep while we move. And finally, you save one night’s accommodation.

transportation in Georgia

We have already written an article about this journey where we explain in detail where to buy tickets and how to do it. And much more useful information so that everything turns out perfect. How to go by night train from Tbilisi to Yerevan.

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