Michigan Travel Guide – Great Places To Visit

Those who have visited it will also know the various beaches, dunes, and cliffs scattered along the 3,200 miles of coastline of its two peninsulas, with vivid contrasts.

Michigan Travel Guide – Great places to visit in Michigan, USA

The mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula is dominated from its southeast corner by the industrial giant Detroit, surrounded by satellite cities heavily dedicated to the automotive industry. In the west, the scenic 350-mile drive along the Lake Michigan shoreline passes through cute little harbors before reaching the stunning Sleeping Bear Dunes and resort towns like Traverse City in the warm northwestern corner of the peninsula. The desolate, dramatic, and sparsely populated Upper Peninsula, which stretches from Wisconsin like a claw to separate Lakes Superior and Michigan, is a dramatic departure from the cosmopolitan South.

A bit and history

In the mid-17th century, French explorers forged a successful business relationship with the Chippewa, Ontario, and other Native American tribes. The British, who gained control after 1763, were much more brutal. Governor Henry Hamilton, the “Detroit scalp buyer,” advocated taking scalps instead of prisoners. Since then, Michigan’s economy has developed in waves; The fur, lumber, and copper booms of the 18th century culminated in the establishment of the state at the forefront of the nation’s manufacturing capacity, thanks to its abundant raw materials, good transportation links, and the genius of innovators such as Henry Ford. Currently, the state tries to reinvent itself as a “creative center” of new technologies,

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore offers a splendid array of multi-colored cliffs, rolling dunes, and secluded sandy beaches. Over the millennia, rain, wind, ice, and sun have carved arches, columns, and caves in to the lake’s shoreface, all tinted in different hues. There are hiking trails that run along the cliff tops, and Highway 58 takes you close to the water, but the best way to see the cliffs is by boat. Those in a hurry can glimpse the cliffs by visiting the Mirador del Castillo de Los Mineros, twelve miles east of Munising, or the Munising Cascades, one of half a dozen nearby waterfalls near the well-signposted visitor center. 

Things to do in Michigan, USA

Michigan Travel Guides

Ride a buggy in the dunes of Michigan

If you’ve never ridden an open buggy around a 60-meter sand mountain or are simply reliving a memory of your childhood, know that each of those 40 minutes of the ride will smile. Head to Saugatuck Dune Rides Inc. in that quaint seaside town or the perennial favorite, Mac Wood’s Dune Rides in Silver Lake.

Explore the Great Lakes shipwrecks

You can dive and snorkel among hundreds of perfectly preserved wrecks in the fresh waters of the Great Lakes. You can also see them relatively quickly – and with the storytelling behind the wrecks – on glass-bottom cruises around the wrecks. Glass-bottom tours of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary’s Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center will take you to some notable shipwrecks within the 4,300-square-mile preserve.

Spend a day paddling down a Michigan waterway

Ludington State Park’s Hamlin Lake Canoe Trail lets you pick up a rental at the shoreline store and follow 2.5 miles of shoreline, bayous ponds among soaring eagles, and swimming swans. Aloha State Park on Mullet Lake is located in the center of inland waterways, well suited for paddling, or venture into Tawas Point State Park, sometimes called the Cape Cod of the Midwest, for access to the warm shoals of Tawas Bay.

Spend the night in Michigan’s wine country

The only thing better than touring Michigan’s wine country is settling in and making the winery castle your home overnight or on the weekend. At the impressive Chateau Chantal, located on the top of a hill in Traverse City, the tasting room is open by honor system after hours.

Wish upon the falling stars

There are many great places to stargaze in Michigan. The International Dark-Sky Park Headlands is one of the favorite places to see northern lights or other celestial events, along with stories of stars on the beach. Learn more about Michigan’s dark sky parks here.

 Where to eat and drink in Michigan

Whether you prefer an elegant dinner at an oceanfront restaurant, picnic on Lake Michigan, or sit outside on a patio, Traverse City restaurants will never fail to satisfy the foodie within.

Speaking of drinks, a Traverse City wine shouldn’t taste like a California wine. A Traverse City beer shouldn’t taste like a Milwaukee beer. And whiskey made in Traverse City shouldn’t taste as it came from Tennessee.

Where to Stay in Michigan, USA

Michigan hotels welcome us along country roads, invite us in after fun-filled days at the beach, and relax after exciting nights on the town. Affordable, nostalgic, pet-friendly, luxurious, historical, the hotel and motel accommodation options are endless, allowing you to relax.

 Posada Bavarian Lodge

Bavarian Inn Lodge is located along the Cass River in Michigan’s number one tourist attraction – Frankenmuth. The Lodge has 360 European-themed rooms, including whirlpool and family suites, four indoor pools, three hot tubs, two waterslides, a miniature golf course, two gift shops, two lounges, and two restaurants, all under the same roof.

Boyne Highlands Resort

Boyne Highlands Resort is a family-friendly resort that offers the largest ski area in Michigan and the highest ski and snowboard height in the Lower Peninsula. Resort attractions include cross country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, tubing, Zipline Adventures, spa, 81 holes of golf, mountain biking with lift service, children’s programs, lodging, meeting, and wedding facilities.

Climate and seasons to travel

The state has a continental climate with high humidity. The 11,000 lakes in Michigan (more than 40% of the state’s territory) influence its climate. The southern regions are warmer, with an annual temperature range of -8 to 28 ° C (18-82 ° F). The northern part is colder, with annual temperatures between -16 and 24 ° C (3 and 75 ° F). The northern summer is shorter.


The month of March begins with moderately cold weather due to high humidity. This parameter affects the weather throughout the year. In the first month of spring, the temperature can drop slightly below freezing to about 27 ° F (-3 ° C), but later on, things get better. In May, the average maximum temperature reaches 20 ° C (68 ° F). The rains are scarce, and rainfall is considered only one or two days a month.


Summer in the state is the season for tourists. The weather is pleasant, and rainfall is rare. In July, the average maximum temperature rises to 28 ° C (82 ° F). The abundance of slowly heating bodies of water softens the temperature, so the exhausting heat rarely reaches the state. The frequency and levels of rainfall are a little higher than in spring, but each month has three days of rain.


September is quite warm. It is an excellent time to visit the state, with an average high of 22 ° C (72 ° F). The exceptional beauty of the local nature is marvelously displayed. In October, the temperature drops to about 15 ° C (59 ° F), and November is even more incredible, with about 8 ° C (46 ° F). Temperatures can seem cold due to the humidity above and strong winds.


The winter weather is not pleasant for those who prefer friendly trips. Average temperatures drop to about 27 ° F (-3 ° C). Humid air tends to appear colder than it appears from the thermometer. However, lovers of winter-type recreational activities find plenty of activities. In Michigan, you can ski and skate on frozen lakes, ice fish, and do other winter sports.

How to Get?

There are many modes of transportation in Michigan. To get to the state, you can travel to one of Michigan’s many airports. Are you afraid of flying? Visitors to Chicago can easily travel by train to Michigan. Navigate from airports and train stations using Michigan’s readily available taxi and limousine services. Stay on the road throughout your visit, traveling to Michigan’s many bus stations. Take your adventure even further, and hop aboard a Michigan ferry to one of the Great Lakes islands. Travel by air, land, or lake in Mitten State.

The most common way to travel to Michigan is through Detroit’s Wayne County Metropolitan Airport (DTW), Michigan’s largest airport. DTW is located in Romulus, a suburb of Detroit. Taxis and luxury sedans are available 24 hours a day from both terminals without arranging them in advance. Plus, transportation services are available to help you travel around Southeastern Michigan with ease.

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